High-performance frequency converters for OTT and IFC providers

Reduce the cost of providing over-the-top (OTT) services and improve reliability for customers no matter where they are – at home, on the move, or over the Atlantic – with Orbital Research frequency converters. Our low noise block downconverters (LNBs), block downconverters (BDCs), and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) increase the efficiency of hardware assets for broadcasters and in-flight connectivity providers around the world.

A new weapon in the streaming wars

Orbital frequency converters optimize spectrum use, increase throughput and lower cost-per-bit for broadcasters and head-end providers. Deliver OTT streaming video, voice and data in a more efficient, cost-effective way – and gain an advantage in an increasingly crowded market.

When the show must go on

The airborne versions of our LNBs, BDCs and LNAs perform in any condition – extreme temperatures, turbulence, pressure, storms – you name it. Keep customers happy with in-flight wifi and entertainment that won’t quit, even during live broadcasts and video calls.